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Astronomy Packet:  8
Assignment # 3




The Constellation Andromeda:

Because Andromeda's stars are not as bright as those in other constellations we have found, this constellation will be more difficult to locate.  But it is well worth finding, because once you can spot the constellation Andromeda you will be able to see a real spiral galaxy with your own eyes.


The Andromeda Galaxy:

Next time someone asks you how far you can see, tell them your eyes are so strong that they can see 150,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles, or 150 billion billion miles.  If they do not believe you tell them you can prove it.  Take them outside at night and show them the Andromeda Galaxy. 

The Andromeda Galaxy is the furthest object you can see with the naked eye.  In light years it is about 250 million light years away.  That means the light we see in our sky left the Andromeda Galaxy 250 million years ago. 

It is found slightly above the constellation Andromeda towards the North.  It is recommended that you download a skymap and print it from  The map may call it M31 which is another name for the same galaxy.



The Andromeda Galaxy:


Assignment # 3.

Find the Constellation Andromeda.

Find the Andromeda Galaxy.

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