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Astronomy Packet:  2
Assignment # 4


In the last astronomy packet we began our observation by finding the constellation Ursa Major, also known as the Big Dipper.  This week we are going to look for two things, Ursa Minor and a star named Polaris.

If Ursa Major is the Big Dipper, can you guess what Ursa Minor might be?  If you guessed the Little Dipper you got it right.  The star Polaris, which is one of the stars in Ursa Minor, is also called the North Star. 

We will use Ursa Major to help us find Polaris (The North Star) and Ursa Minor.  The two stars in the spoon end of the Big Dipper point right at Polaris.  Once you find Polaris, which is the first star in Ursa Minor, you can then look for the rest of it.

Note:  The stars turn over our heads all night long.  Depending on what time you go out, Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) may not point upwards.  You must first find Ursa Major again, then follow the two stars in its spoon end to Polaris.  Also remember that Ursa Minor will look much bigger in the sky than it does in this picture. 

For help go to to print a free sky map.

Assignment # 4


Find the Constellation Ursa Minor in the night time sky.  (Hint:  Ursa Minor is also called The Little Dipper.

Find Polaris

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