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Astronomy Packet:  3
Assignment:  5



In this astronomy packet we are going to do something very exciting.  For the first time during this class we are going to use optical equipment to help us see things which are too dim to be seen with the naked eye.


What do you need?

You need to borrow a pair of binoculars.  Any pair will do as long as they work.  You do not need to buy new ones, however, if you do plan on buying a new pair, let me give you some advice.  You want the binoculars to have as wide a field of view as possible.  You can figure out what the field of view is by looking on the binoculars.  They will have a number which will look something like 10x50.  The first number is the field of view.  The higher that first number is the bigger the field of view is.


What is a field of view?

The field of view is how much of the sky you will be able to see at one time while looking through the binoculars.  If you have a wide field of view, it is easier to find what you are looking for because you can see more of the sky at once.  If your binoculars have a smaller field of view than 10 that is okay, you don't need to buy new ones, it is just going to take you more time to find the things we are going to be looking for.

Assignment # 5

What is a field of view?  Why is it better to have a larger field of view?

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