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Astronomy Packet:  5
Assignment:  6



Go to  to download a free sky map.  Use this map to help you find the constellation Scorpio.

Scorpio, which is actually spelled Scorpios, has an interesting story.  Last week we found the constellation Orion the Hunter.  The ancient Greeks believed that Orion bragged that he could kill all the Earth's wild animals and went on a hunting rampage.  He decided to kill every animal on Earth.  Gaia, who was the goddess of the Earth, did not like Orion trying to kill all her animals.  She decided to send a giant scorpion to kill Orion.  This scorpion's name was Scorpio.  Gaia was so grateful to Scorpio for trying to kill Orion that she put his image in the stars.

Even today Scorpio is still chasing Orion around the sky.  

The constellation scorpio




Assignment # 6

Find the constellation Scorpio.

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