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Welcome to the Astronomy Academy!

KidsAstronomy.com has devloped two interactive courses to guide you through the world of Astronomy. It is recommended that one Astronomy Packet be completed per week.

Because this is a self-guided course, you must have determination and commitment. No one will be around to make sure that you complete all your assignements. It is up to you!

The Goal: Earn a Certificate of Completion

How do you earn a Certificate of Completion?

  1. Complete the 8 Astronomy Packets
  2. Complete a Final Project
  3. Take and Pass the Final Quiz

When you complete the above criteria, you will be presented with the certificate. It will have your name printed on it, and will be delivered free of charge via the internet.

Kids Tip: The Astronomy Academy has provided a form which you can use to record all of your answers. To print the form, click on the “Print Recording Form” button inside of each assignment. Then have a parent or a teacher correct them. Or you can correct them yourself.

Course 1

Course 2