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Assignment 11-1

What is Astronomy?

That’s easy. Astronomy is the study of Outer Space.

Why should we study Outer Space?

We study Outer Space because we are part of it. That’s right. You are part of outer space, everything is. We live on Earth. Earth is part of Outer Space. The Earth circles the Sun. The Sun is a star, and just like all the other stars, it is part of Outer Space.

Lets talk about how Astronomy became a science.

400 years ago humans began to really understand the Universe. Before then, many people thought the Universe was a giant glass ball which circled the Earth. They thought the stars were holes in the glass where light from heaven could shine through and that everything in the Universe circled around the Earth. In 1609, a man named Galileo changed the way humans believed the Universe worked.

Galileo used a telescope and for the first time saw what the Universe really was. The most important thing he saw was that Jupiter had moons. This meant that everything did not circle the Earth. Galileo could prove to others that there were things that circled Jupiter.

We often call Galileo the first great scientist. Since his time there have been many more great scientists. Each of them have contributed to our knowledge about the Universe.


Assignment # 1:

Search the Internet, books, or other resources. Find information on three Astronomers. Write a paragraph about each one describing how they helped our understanding of the Universe.

Here is a useful website with a lot of info about astronomers:


Make sure you write this in your own words.


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