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Assignment 23-4


The Earth is the most exciting planet of all. Sometimes it might seem boring to study the Earth, but it is by far the most interesting and beautiful. From grass-covered hills to moss-covered sea cliffs to an ocean marina, the Earth is an incredible planet. It is the only planet we know for sure has life.

Earth is also the planet we know the most about, and it is the tool we use to study and understand all the other planets.


The Red Planet is the most likely planet besides Earth where humans may one day live. Through a process called terraforming scientists can actually change the atmosphere of a planet so that it becomes breathable by people. Terraforming means to change the surface of a planet so that it becomes more like Earth and its atmosphere becomes capable of sustaining life. It would take about 10,000 years to terraform Mars. By the time we are done people will be able to live on Mars without spacesuits, along with plants and animals.


Assignment # 4.

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  1. Please list the temperatures of Venus, Earth and Mars.
  2. What are the atmospheres of these three planets made of?
  3. What does the name of each of these three planets mean?
  4. How long does it take for Venus, Earth and Mars to circle the Sun one time?
  5. Please list three fast facts about Venus, Earth and Mars. (A fast fact is information found on a chart about each of the planets. These charts can be found by clicking here).


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  1. Venus: 449° C (850° F) Earth: 7.2° C (45° F) Mars: 36° C (98° F)
  2. Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygon
  3. Venus: Roman goddes of love. Earth: Wife of Uranus. Mars: god of war and agriculture.
  4. Venus: 224.701 Days Earth: 365.3 days. Mars: 686.98 Days
  5. Any fast facts are correct.