Why Ads?

The material being taught in this class are in accordance with current theory.  It is important to note though that as time goes on, theories are improved and revised.

The developer of the course is a Christian who believes very strongly the God directed the creation of the Universe, the Solar System, and our Planet.  Just because I believe it all happened under God’s direction, does not mean I discount the theories however.

I see nothing wrong in seeking to understand how God created the Universe.  As long as one is humble enough to admit he or she could be wrong.  Our theories could be wrong, but then again, who knows, perhaps God did use a big bang to create the Universe.  Perhaps he created the Solar System by causing a giant cloud to spin as math and science would suggest.

Or perhaps he didn’t.  But one thing is for sure, however he created it, there was a method.  And I do not think it inappropriate to seek to understand his methods.  Rather I find it to be a spiritual experience.