Why Ads?

The Astronomy Academy courses are broken into two parts:  Science and Observation.  Because the vast majority of our users live in the Northern Hemisphere, the observation portion of the courses is geared towards them.  While you can enjoy the science, you will not be able to enjoy finding the suggested objects in each packet.

The solution:

Go to to print yourself a free sky map.  Make sure you print the one labeled “Southern Hemisphere.”  When you come to the portion of an Astronomy Packet that asks you to find a particular item, choose another similar item of your own.

Example:  If the packet asks you to find a constellation such as Orion, you could instead look for another constellation such as the Southern Cross.  If the packet asks you to find a star, find a different but similar star.  Use the sky map as a guide.

If you find a replacement item for each suggested object, give yourself credit.

(We will develop a class for Southern Hemisphere students in the future)

Any Southern Hemisphere Astronomers interested in developing this class, please contact us.